Metro Marketing is a full-service advertising
agency located in the Washington DC metro area,
which specializes in developing multi-channel
marketing programs, media management, graphic
design, and commercial production.

Strategic Advertising

Metro Marketing provides clients with a comprehensive marketing strategy, which includes a customized business plan and tactical execution. Our marketing strategy allows our clients to make relevant, informed decisions that will propel their organization in an ever-changing business environment.

Our team is experienced in delivering highly successful and creative branded and direct-response initiatives on local, regional, and national levels.

We are dedicated to delivering a clear, market strategy and comprehensive business plan which is critical to achieving our clients’ goals, maximizing profitability, meeting customer needs, and garnering competitive leadership.

Media Management

Metro Marketing provides clients with comprehensive media management. We have developed media strategies on national, regional, and local levels for a wide range of industries. Channels include: broadcast television, cable television, radio, print, outdoor, direct mail, and Internet.

Our media buyers are tenacious negotiators, who work exhaustively to procure the lowest possible media rates, while maintaining a laser sharp focus on our clients’ target audience.

We are committed to increasing our clients’ profitability by maximizing the return on their advertising investment, ultimately increasing sales, market share, and brand awareness.

Visual Design

Metro Marketing offers a full spectrum of graphic design services from logo development to website design, we specialize in producing creative and contemporary design solutions that engage and inspire.

Our designers are some of the very best in the industry, and have won multiple awards in recognition of their innovative designs. Our team continually provide our clients with unprecedented creativity and invaluable results.

We have a solid reputation for producing strong, effective, print, and web based visual communications focused on our clients’ business goals. We help businesses, by setting them apart from their competitors.

Commercial Production

Metro Marketing specializes in developing powerful media content for companies of all sizes, and offers a unique blend of services from long format videos to full commercial production.

Our dynamic team uses their robust experience in advertising, brand strategy, motion graphic design and storytelling to create powerful, quality products that are designed to meet and achieve client goals and target market segments.

We produce a wide range of expressive and creative commercial projects that enhances brand values for clients through entertaining, compelling, and informational content.